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FitzyPlus app helps you to live a healthy life by tracking your all-day Activities, Fitness Sessions and Cardiovascular Health using your smartphone's sensors and wearable device. Your health parameters are automatically tracked and analysed in real-time using AI powered algorithms.

Stay FIT and live HEALTHY using FitzyPlus.


Dashboard provides an unified interface to know about your Health and Fitness.

  • Personalised Health Score.

  • Lifestyle and Activity recommendations based on Health Score.

  • Real-time monitoring of activities, cardiovascular (heart & lung) status.


Real-time analysis of Cardiovascular Health using advanced AI powered algorithms.

  • Heart Rate.

  • Blood Pressure.

  • Blood Oxygen Saturation.

  • Pulse Pressure trend.

  • Mean Arterial Pressure trend.

  • Cardiovascular Health Score.


Cardio Journal contains records of cardiovascular health data.

  • Automatic recording of analysed parameters when integrated/wearable based sensors are used.

  • Log externally recorded Blood Pressure data.

  • Export of data in report format.


Activities are automatically tracked using inbuilt sensors of smartphone and analysed in real-time.

  • Move Minutes.

  • Steps Count.

  • Heart Points.

  • Calorie Count.

  • Distance, pace, elevation.


Manual and automatic tracking of Fitness Sessions and analysis.

  • Activity detection.

    • Walking.

    • Running.

    • Cycling.

    • Sports.

  • Session recording.


Activity Goals recommended based on your profile. Goals can be dynamically set and tracked.

  • Integration with Health Score

  • Goal recommendations based on Health Score

  • Seamless integrations with Fitness Sessions.

  • Google Fit integration.

Algorithms Included

    • Health score algorithm.

    • Cardiovascular score algorithm.

    • Haemodynamic ( cardiac parameter ) analysis algorithm.

    • Activity recognition algorithm.

    • Fitness activity analysis & goal recommendation algorithm.

    • Personalised machine learning algorithm.

    • Cloud hosted AI and algorithm assistants.

Supported Devices

  • Built for Android 10. Supports all handsets with Android 8.0 (Oreo API level 26) or higher with at least FHD (1080p) resolution.

  • Device support for in-app Cardiovascular Health analysis : (right now only a few handsets have the required sensor)

    • Samsung Galaxy S series : S10 Plus, S10, S9 Plus, S9, S8 Plus, S8, S7 edge.

    • Samsung Galaxy Note series : Note 9 , Note 8.

    • Samsung Galaxy wearable series : Galaxy Watch 4 support coming soon.

    • Wearable devices : 4 co-branded wearable devices from B2B partners.

    • FitzyPlus wearable devices (should be purchased separately) : coming soon.

FitzyPlus is available from Google Play and SAMSUNG Galaxy Store. Please rate us if you like the app.

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Why should I use FitzyPlus ?

The answer is simple ! FitzyPlus empowers you to live healthy and fit.

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), lifestyle related diseases like cardiovascular disease (CVD), obesity, chronic lung disease, diabetes are on rise globally. All of these diseases are preventable by making small changes in lifestyle like eating healthy and by keeping ourselves active.

FitzyPlus app empowers users to live a healthy life by tracking “all-day activities'', “fitness sessions'' and “cardiovascular health”. The activities and health parameters are automatically tracked using sensors available in smart-phones & smart-watches/bands and the parameters are analysed in real time using AI powered algorithms. FitzyPlus correlates activities & cardiovascular health and provides a real-time health-score which is an easy to comprehend but important wellness marker. FitzyPlus has intelligence to profile the users based on the users’ fitness-level/lifestyle and it suggests the user to improve the health-score by making changes in the lifestyle (eg: walking more during the day, achieving the goals etc).

As the human race is facing an unprecedented public health crisis due to Covid19 pandemic, scientists have found that the people who are generally fit & healthy, are having better immune response to fight against Covid19 and the people without lifestyle diseases (hypertension, diabetes etc) are less morbid. This has made the app/platform like FitzyPlus to become more relevant in today's world.

For general users fitness training or gym sessions are not always feasible due to hectic lifestyle or age. Instead, simple daily activities (like brisk walk, standing up and walking around for five minutes every hour during the workday, gardening etc) make us fit and active. FitzyPlus tracks all of these simple daily activities which are often ignored. All these can be tracked easily, by keeping the phone in the pocket during the day and/or by wearing the smart-watch/band; FitzyPlus reliably records the activities in the background. Moreover, it analyses and correlates cardiovascular health of the user (for those having compatible handsets or wearable devices) with activities and fitness sessions..

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Built for Android & iOS using Linux & open-source technology stacks

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